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This board kept the same basic fan of shots from Bearclaw, and took advantage of the blank spaces it had. The first ide was to move the orbit up. Now that the orbit was easier to hit it scored choose one of any per ball. The blank area above the center shots on Bearclaw was converted into a multiplier section. The magnet in the center moves the ball to the sides allowing a 2x or 3x multiplier of any one score category. The side magnets of Bearclaw were left as drop shots, and in an attempt at asymmetry one is turned upward, providing a skill shot. The magnets were moved below the drop shots and score +1 or -1 for the opponent. Allowing the players to take or give points during the others turn added a whole new level of interest during competition. A hard to reach side shot was an opportunistic way for me to see how many shots I could pack onto a board.

The first scoring rules of this board were very complicated. It was a medieval fantasy theme, and the three categories were strength, magic, and healing. Each shot had a character and that character possessed two categories. Multiple characters could be combined to multiply their attributes. The king and queen center shots could be combined with their knight long shots to double their respective skills. As I explained all this to my wife she said I would have to invent a scoring app for phones so people could keep track. Which I investigated for a while until incorporating technology was the wrong direction for our esthetic. So the shots were simplified, and the board is still a blast because of the multipliers and +1 -1 magnets.
The next challenge, complete asymmetry.

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