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In the Beginning…

By October 11, 2014Uncategorized

…was crap and it was terrible. No. There are no bad beginnings. This little machine was what got us started. “You guys should build a pinball machine,” and this is what we made. It is very simple but there are a few key ideas that would carry on, and the building up of ideas is what is most important. To play this machine one would roll the dice onto the board, the dice marked with yellow red and blue. The board also has areas marked with yellow red and blue. If the dice landed on the matching area you get points. If they landed on the wrong area you could shoot the pinball to move or flip the dice to match the area. The theory was about making the playfield interactive and changeable. So that you are not just shooting the same shot over and over. Instead you are creating new shots with every roll of the dice. Combining skill and chance with a bit of strategy.

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