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Now For Something…

By October 11, 2014Uncategorized

…completely different.
In search of creating an asymmetrical board I changed the way the ball is plunged into play.

The spinner was the first big feature I had to design around, and it took some time to decide how to activate the space underneath it.  The up-plunger left more vertical space to play with, but diminished the amount of space in the horizontal fan of shots. This layout accommodated the spinner but reduced the amount of shots the board could have. Trying this layout pushed me to try new ideas and uses of space that I may not have otherwise. The small pin field by the flippers, the partial orbit/guide around the magnet, and the collection path under the spinner, were all ideas that may not have been generated if not for trying something new.

Even though I had changed the plunger, the area inside could still be made symmetrical so I changed the structure of the scoring groups. This board had five different scoring sections. At first each section had its own a, b, and c; after extensive play I realized it was better if each section had its own letter. The problem was you could make your shot and not get the letter needed to win. This change made it possible to shoot for the separate areas individually. Also to reward the player for accuracy by doubling the amount of points if they scored all three parts of that section. The spinner is scored according to how many balls were locked on the magnet. The fifth score zone was left as a mix of a, b, and c. The large orbit was ditched for two smaller orbits to accommodate the spinner, “heart shaped orbit”.

This step out of bounds created many new ideas to use on the next board.

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